Best Airsoft Shotgun

     If you are interested in airsoft games (Indoor ,outdoor),shooting competitions ,military training and huntings,you will like our picks  for the best airsoft guns for gaming,shooting and hunting for beginners and experts..Best of  quality and affordable guns will assist you to enjoy your business safely.

 7 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

    We have tested and reviewed the following airsoft snipers which include automatic electric guns  (AEGs), gas and spring powered rifles having high capacity magazines.

1-  Seneca Double-Shot .50-Caliber Double-Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle

Seneca Double Shotgun

       Many of you are probably familiar with the Wing Shot which is the 1st really  good air shotgun to come out in the market.Now they have just upped it by adding on a second barrel .It gives you a quick follow up shot and just makes it a lot more fun to shoot .

 It is one of the best airsoft guns for hunting, having double shot for the best accuracy.Shotgun air rifle has  calibre of 0.50″ and a barrel length of 20.9″,which makes it best for hunting medium to large game . This double-shot air shotgun has 2 smooth-bore barrels (right and left) and a built-in rubber buttpad for extra safety.   

 How Sniper Works?

  • It is 50 calibre ,you can shoot with air shot shells of number eight shot  and number six shot .You can also shoot air bolts,slugs round balls and so forth.
  • If you want to shoot air bolts or the slugs you need to take off its choke and you can put in your round ball or air ball ,you will get more range and tighter pattern by adding additional choke.
  • To load the double shot what you to do is to open up the breech ,drop two shellsin barrels pull the cock back to get have safety off.To switch the barrels you just turn the knob .Knob is a little bit stiff.
  • There ia a lever that you can move ,is to reduce the torque.You may have experienced hunting with original Wing Shot which is capable to shoot within 20 and 30 yards but this can hit target over 20 and 30 yards.

Personally what I like better about it is that it gives you a little bit better grip . It has a two-stage and non-adjustable trigger for total control .


Best for hunting 
Quick follow up 
Extra safe


Don’t shoot less than 20 yards
Very stiff knob 

2-      GAME FACE ASRGTH Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft Submachine Gun

Game Face ASRGTH Electric Gun

 It is the best airsoft guns for gamings suggested mostly for beginners that want to get in the airsoft field.It is electric powered  and mostly takes 1 hour to charge battery with smart charger.Battery lasts about 4 hours.Usually it comes with an 800 mah battery but the stock can fit at least 8.4v 1600mah butterfly batteries for longer battery life.

You can shoot around  200 feets .I love the firepower of this gun with speed up to 320 fps and  works particularly well for beginners.

Its high capacity of  800 round magazines is really impressive .The  drum magazine works well and functions similarly to all others   with winding required to feed the BBs. The drum is also light plastic so I don’t recommend winding it all the way up at one time but instead winding it occasionally as you shoot to preserve the mechanism.


Best shotgun for gaming
especially for beginners
compatible with 6 MM  airsoft


Battery timing is no more than 5 hours.

3- Crimson Trace Shotgun Laser Saddle with Ambidextrous Control

Crimson Laser Shotgun

It is the best airsoft shotgun for shooting with 6 calibre and spring piston power and available in different styles with red and green lasers.

LS-250 – Red Laser
LS-250G – Green Laser
LS-870 – Red Laser
LS-870G – Green Laser

Its powerful lasers make it suitable for self security and  instant targeting.You can switch the lasers on and off for varying positions .You can use either green or red laser but green is more visible during day time.Laser has a deep focused range up to the 50 yards.For a combat unit you can’t get better than this due to its deep range. You can also attach a side saddle to the laser siddle for better results.


Best for self defence
Lasers action


Only green lasers are visible during the day time .
It’s too nice but a little bit expensive.

4- Airsoft Rifle M4 Style Electric AEG Gun

M4 Airsoft Soft Electric Gun

This toy gun is not for combat competitions but for the fun and gaming particularly for the kids .You can also send gifts to your kids .As it is particularly designed for the kids so it is easy and safe to use with 200 rounds capacity .

The thing I like the most about this product is that it contains all accessories in its package including airsoft gun,magazine, battery & charger, scope, flashlight, sling, cleaning rod and most important its product’s manual.Its scope is of dual importance ,has series of lenses and used for magnification and also assist in shooting at distance .The knobs on the scope are to adjust your target properly.

Teens will love its sound feature during shooting.


Best airsoft rifle for kids
Low in price


Not made of metal so it needs extra care
Used just for fun

5- BBTac Airsoft Shotgun M401


It is the best toy gun for the teens suggested for all the sexes .It looks very nice in the plastic  frame material and polymer barrel material .Orange tip down inside it’s barrel makes it more attractive .Compared to other toy guns it is stronger and has more FPS almost 300 to 400.It is a spring powered airgun with calibre of 6.0.It shoots at a good distance with a decent rate .

The gun is lighter in weight and easy to use , even kids can hold and use it easily.This gun is easy to load with the quick loader. This is not the case with many airsoft guns so its distinction. Its magazine is removable and you can load 20 Bbs easily.But one thing you must notice is that you can’t have an extra magazine  for that and If you put too many bbs into the barrel it will jam.

It has a wide rail of almost  inches in its top so you can use it for any attachment you would like for example lasers,scope flashlight and red dots. It also has a hop up adjustment  so one side is normal and the other is  hop up.

Its accuracy is amazing,  you can shoot smaller objects at large distances with average speed more accurately .It is highly recommended for beginners.


Easy to use
Best for kids
Not expensive


Magazine capacity is low
Needs more care due to plastics

6- EVIKE M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

Evike M4A1 Rifle

Again it’s the best shotgun for the starters because of its ease to operate . This toy gun is made up of metal material so its strength can’t be compromised.It weighs almost 7 pounds which make it difficult to  hold for kids so it is the best for teens of any sex .And its hop up is adjustable.

The choice of its power depends upon whether you like electric power or spring power.But I will prefer its battery power version.Battery is rechargeable ,takes 3-4 hours to complete and has good power.Gun has a decent velocity up to 400 FPS.It has a large magazine capacity of almost 300 rounds and you can also use an extra magazine with it as per your requirement .  

The best thing I liked most about the gun is its shooting mode .It again depends upon the user’s choice whether he/she likes semi auto or full auto mode. You can shoot effectively in the range of 130 feets with great accuracy.But if  you want more accuracy even at large distances up to 150 feet or above then you must go for full auto mode.


High magazines capacity
High range up to 150 feets
Shooting mode is completely at your choice


Only for teens or above

7– Evike Cybergun M4A1 KeyMod Airsoft

Evike Cybergun M4A1 Keymod Airsoft

It is the best M4 airsoft shotgun with 13 inch length metal KeyMod handguard which allows  popular keyMod accessories to attach with it .It is made up of full metal material with lower and upper receiver.On its top it has a full length 20mm ideal rail  which accepts  accessories like mounting optics , flash light, lasers, red dots and many others.

It also has an adjustable hop up with crane style stock containing 350 rounds high capacity magazine.  It can shoot 0.20g BBs with decent speed 330 to 350 FPS .It has both semi and full auto shoot mood ,you can use it according to your own will.If you want to shoot with good accuracy from a large distance.  I would prefer you to use a full auto shoot mood ,but in this way large BBs are wasted in a very short time.It is a battery powered shotgun ,9.6 V small rechargeable battery is recommended for this.


High capacity magazine
You can add accessories of your own choice


Little bit expensive

How to choose The Best Airsoft Shotgun Using- BUYING GUIDE

It is always difficult to pick the best product ,if you have many options.In order to choose the best shotguns you must keep the following questions in mind.

1-For what purpose you are going to buy the airsoft gun

2-How old its user is?Is he a beginner or expert?

3-How much does the gun cost?

Important Features:

1  If you are looking shotguns for hunting then your focus must be on following features

  • High Range
  • Greater FPs
  • High accuracy

2  I will prefer the following qualities containing guns for gaming .

  • High capacity magazines
  • Quick follow up 
  • Large battery life 

3  If kids or beginners are looking for shotguns then the following qualities must be their main concern.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Easy to operate 
  • Safe to use