Both , Airsoft pistols and airsoft shotguns are useful for the beginners ,airsoft games , training and shooting competitions. Although they are not used in combat situations , many use them as training aid for military and law enforcement personnel.

What are the most powerful airsoft gun pistols in the world?

If you are looking into the world of airsoft games ,shooting and training practices then you’ll like our picks for the most powerful airsoft pistols. Pistols in these lists are made up of various materials mostly of polymer and plastic .They are electric powered ,gas powered and spring powered pistols.


1- Elite Force Walther PPQ Airsoft Pistol

best airsoft shotguns

It is the best airsoft pistol for training new shooters .One can also target tiny objects like lizards ,squirrels, rats ,boards and small canes.Light  weighted gun of ……can also be gifted to kids .It’s a spring powered airsoft pistol so it does not need any battery or CO2 capsule to buy or run .As it’s spring powered so you have to rack the slide after each shot . It can shoot approximately 8-10 feet at 300-350 FPS with maximum accuracy.Pistol’s bottom rail provides an attachment for accessories like laser lights ,flashlights,  scopes and many others..

The package contains 400 6mm plastic airsoft BBs of 12 g along with a 15 round magazine capable of storing an additional 85 rounds in a special reservoir.


Best airsoft pistol for training new shooters
Extra magazine with additional capacity


No setting/switch off auto
Age restriction

2- Glock 19 Gen3 BB Gun Air Pistol

best airsoft pistols

This 177 caliber ,4.5 MM CO2 powered BB air gun is very the most powerful airsoft pistol with high pressure and good weight balance .It is a non blowback airgun and an exact replica of Glock .The magazine BB follower is metal and the end clip is made up of metal.

The gun is designed only for 177 steel BBs only , you can also use others but it needs more cautions .Plastic BBs have less accuracy and more range .But you must avoid copper coated BBs as they tend to be sized smaller than silver ones. It requires a 12 g CO2 cartridge to operate .The gun has a bit of power when it has a fresh CO2 cartridge it could wrap copper or tin . You should be able to shoot 70-90 BBs per CO2 cartridge with maximum power. Pistol is rated over 410 FPS  with great accuracy and good range.

The package contains a pistol and one magazine only with a capacity of  19 steel BBs .You will have to buy a CO2 cartridge ,steel BBs and an extra magazine if you need it .The pistol is semi automatic and very easy to use ,you don’t have to reload after every shot and even don’t need to empty the magazine to refill it .One BB is fired with each trigger pull .You pull the trigger ,the gun fires once .You pull the trigger once ,the gun fires once .Repeat it until you got your targets .


Exact replica of Glock
High powered pistol 
No sound disturbance 
Comes with 30 days manufacturer’s warranty


You will have to buy BBs and CO2 cartridge separately
Due to high power ,it may cause dangerous damage .

3- Sig Saucer 1911 Air Gun Pistol


It’s the best electric airsoft pistol for shooting practice at expert level. It works like a real 1911 ES BB. Most of the sig saucer guns are pellet guns but to your surprise it’s not a pellet ,it’s a BB gun ,it uses only steel BBs .Both, barrel and frame are made up of metal. Package includes pistol, magazine and BBs .This 1911 replica is a fantastic full metal frame CO2 pistol .Its blowback is perfect and shoots straight as an arrow. It needs installation of CO2 cartridge to get maximum range with power ranging 300-350 FPS .One CO2 can handle 3-5 full magazines of 18 BBs .


Replica of real 1911 ES BB
Warranty of 90 days 


It uses only steel BBs
The CO2 cartridge is not included in the package . Its instalments are awkward .

4- Game Face GFM39PG Airsoft Pistol

It is the best starter airsoft pistol for teaching kids how to shoot. It is specially designed for the kids so it is lighter in weight, approximately 1 pound , easy to load and shoot .The pistol is spring piston powered , made up of plastic and has the ability to have 14 round plastic BBs of 6 caliber .Its accuracy is way better than expected ,having enough power to break splatter targets and hit pets and birds ,rated at 230 FPs.

The package contains 12g airsoft BBs ,20 mm bottom rail , one magazine  and removable scope along with the pistol .You can add accessories of your choice upon rail to play and scope to get maximum accuracy .You can also order extra magazine for that .

To sum up this toy pistol is fair for the price but if you are looking for real action airsoft try some other of higher prices with better quality.


Best starter airsoft pistol for kids
Easy to operate


Needs more care due to plastic material
Not much useful for adults

5- ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty BB Gun Air Pistol


 This CO2 powered airsoft pistol is the best for targeted shooting practice .With weightage of 1.8 pounds its magazine has ability to contain 20 steel BBs .Pistol has steel and metal slide but the grips are plastic and feels realistic .The package contains pistol, magazine and manual. Pistol needs 12 g CO2 cartridge to be functional. One C02 cartridge can shoot 100+ steel BBs with maximum power and wide range .

Due to  its partial blowback ability, the slide moves with blowback action after each shot .It has a unique serial number. The gun has good accuracy ,wide range about 250 yards and high velocity up to 340 FPs .It also has a bottom rail for attaching accessories like lights ,lasers and scopes to get maximum accuracy. The thing I liked the most about gun is its medium noise level and plastic grip which feels amazing and comfortable while  shooting.


Best for targeted shooting practice at expert level
Partial blowback action


You will have to buy CO2 separately
It can shoot steel BBs only

If by locked you mean the safety switch , there is very small metal knob on right side ,turn that to left to unlock .

In Pistols with “blowback” meaning , the slide actually moves when the gun is fired.

• Make sure the airsoft gun is pointed in a SAFE DIRECTION.
• Remove the magazine by pressing down on the magazine release button.
• Insert a 6 mm (.24 caliber) ramrod into the muzzle end of the barrel and
carefully push the jammed BB into the breech. The barrel could be damaged
and the warranty will be void if the proper sized ramrod is not used.
• Hold the airsoft gun upright and shake until the jammed BB falls out.