Airsoft guns are the replica toy guns that are used in the airsoft world for recreational activities like indoor and outdoor games ,military training and other competitive battles. Guns are specially designed to shoot plastic and steel BBs of lighter weight with great power .One of the purpose of airsoft guns is their use in airsoft games. Airsoft games are getting popular in the youth due to variety of gameplay , equipment tactics and a sort of competition within the players .Here is a detailed information about airsoft guns.

different types of airsoft games

What are the different types of airsoft guns ?

Airsoft guns are classified into 3 types on the basis of different power sources; spring powered ,gas powered and electric powered airsoft guns are types of powered airsoft guns.

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

Spring powered airsoft guns use a spring system to propel the BB at desired target .These  guns are easy to use, that’s why they are best airsoft guns for the beginners as these are most basic and affordable guns .These guns depend on the power of spring which may fluctuate with passage of time that’s why these guns are the worst in games .spring powered guns have the lower rate of fire as compared to electric and gas powered.

spring powered airsoft guns

Gas powered airsoft guns

Gas powered guns shoot harder than both,spring and electric powered .They may be semi automatic and fully automatic .These are heavier and more complex to operate than others so these are suggested at intermediate and expert level.

Guns are operated either by gas reservoir in the gun or gas compressed in the magazine ,providing realistic shooting experience .Guns utilize either CO2 or green gas These guns have adjustable power output but sensitive to temperature and weather conditions .

gas powered guns

Electric powered airsoft guns

Guns use either rechargeable batteries or electric motors to operate which is placed inside gun’s stock or separate compartment .They offer higher rate of fire as compared to spring guns and help in engaging multiple targets quickly .These guns mostly have high capacity magazine so there is no need of frequent reloading.They also may be semi automatic and fully automatic.Their performance is dependent on battery power that’s why player must have a spare battery during expansive gameplay sessions.

electric powered airsoft guns

How to shoot an airsoft gun?

Spring airsoft guns are simple and easy to use .One must get basic information from instruction manual provided with gun .To shoot ,after loading the magazine cock or pull back the slide ,then spring will be compressed and will  load the pellet into barrel .Now spring bb rifle  gun is cocked, the user can pull the trigger to release the spring and shoot the pellet.

Battery powered motors are  used in electric powered guns. 1st of all you must careful about the charging of battery ,it must be fully charged. After loading the gun you will have to select the mode of shooting such as safe , semi-auto and full-auto. There is no manual priming needed for AEGs .Once the gun is powered on ,it is ready to be fired .

For gas powered airsoft guns ,gas must be available in ample supply .Gas must be pressurized enough to create capacity for more gas ,Pull the trigger to push  the  hammer inside the gun against the valve in the magazine for a short period of time. Now  gas will be  released into the top portion of the weapon and propel the BB out of the chamber.